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LAce Posted Monday, August 18th, 2003
Motorcycle Ride
Michaux Lowry

summer evening, 10 pm, down the highway
scenery hidden by dusk and blurred by speed
Iím watching your hands blend into the handlebars

the steady rush of late July air, cooled and made light by speed
is punctuated by slightly maladjusted brakes that
echo the whistling bursts of roadside crickets

in your black riding gear
leather jacket creaking, helmet reflecting light
gauntleted hands and boots below connecting to the dark machine

you are reminding me of an insect
envied above all insects, granted
supernatural powers
to move along the highway at 60 mph

and I carried willingly
Lois Lane to your buggy Superman
unable to fly myself but brought along

these thoughts inspire me to move closer
to press my body to your hidden body
Loisís face upturned to her hero carrier for a kiss

yet I realize your body is tucked away and I, a good rider
gloved, geared and helmeted - I am myself
exoskeleton clad

holding tightly as we move, hands around your waist I find
I am glad enough, through my gloves, beneath your carapace
to feel the rise and fall of your breath
steady and familiar.

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Posted by Robin Stevens on Monday, August 18th, 2003 at 2:52 PM
DAMN! I wanna go for a ride! Theres nothing like the largest Vibrator every invented! Ride Lois, Ride.....

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