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LAce Posted Monday, May 30th, 2011
Salome’s Dream
Emily Iekel

On my way out of sleep,
On the edge of dream,
I met a queen who said, I have taken a lover.

Her hair was as polished bronze
Her eyes the gold of daylight sand.
Full tall and stately was she,

and lovely as the moon.

I too have taken a lover
Who feeds me grape leaves and pomegranates
From the orchard of Aphrodite,
From the fields of Jerusalem he feeds me

from her hives honey off the comb.

I have taken a lover
Who reads me pages of song
And whose lips puzzle out
The wings of soaring flocks

Which flash with sunlight as they fly.

I have a lover
Whose body gleams with precious oil
Whose shoulders glow with warmth

and the scents of rose and musk.

I love a lover
Whose eyes are with gentleness endowed, and strength

Til the rain be no more.

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