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LAce Posted Monday, January 11th, 2010
Jean YeoJin Sung

Wrinkled and white-haired, old men feel
the weight of stones juggling between fingers
in a game of Go. Seoulís morning sun
moves across the sky in the monsoon season's

interruptions, the lack of clouds. I can feel
heat from the sun funnel toward my skin.
Iíd hoped to take off here, push against gravity
like a forced propulsion, revolving past

men who are revered for having been born
to carry generations of family history.
Cigarettes linger in their fingers, burning
unnoticed. As if automated, black and white

stones snap down on a lined wooden board.
Strategies of offense and defense have taken
residence in their hands, holding the innate
knowledge of maneuvers no one ever taught me,

ever thought I might need. I run circles
alongside all the women who are orbiting
men, feeling repetitions of my feet
methodically beat paved roads.

I imagine levitations of dense stones,
suddenly weightless and flying above them,
these men who do not notice me trying to find
my own lines of defense and attack.

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Posted by Donna Levy [ ] on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 7:50 PM
Wonderful descriptions to take the reader immediately to Seoul. Impressions of the entrenched gender roles seem to take root in the speaker, ending with a question about where he or she will end up ... at a game of Go or among the women who orbit the players. Very well done. Please keep writing. Love, Donna

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