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LAce Posted Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Christina Hoag

i bought asics so my feet would look like yours
nylon wrapped and pointy toed
i play ‘dancing in september’ so loud
my ears hurt
with the memory
of speeding down i-95
in a falsetto tangle of hair and laughter

our first date
you leaned back on your elbow
and drank me with your smile
til nothing remained

i buried the tip of my nose
in the pockets of your cheeks
to inhale your skin
i tucked
the shanks of hair behind your ears
just how i like it

but i had to leave
before i saw you swim
before i ate an egg
from the hollow in your breastbone
before we waltzed in the surf

all i can do now
is pass the driveway
where we stood
baseball caps backwards
sweatshirts tied around waists
and look down at my feet

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