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LAce Posted Monday, September 21st, 2009
Debbie Hammond-Lancaster

for all young women who climb ladders

The job will be a good experience for you, you say
as we are introduced. Such benevolence we think.
But we should pay more attention to the milliseconds
of truth, when your eyes traverse and judge our curves
or your words betray your so-called enlightenment.

You versus women in your seat, equal, or God forbid
tiered one position above. Ah, we are your Furies
blood-drip eyes, snake hair, bat-wing bodies

You find solace or proof of yourself
on the hunt (human and animal) with menís men, grunt work.
The lies, the bait, the vigilant closed-door scrutiny,
all the while building your self-justifying case:
Thereís never been a woman in this role to pull her weight.

You would have admired Tillich, the German philosopher,
who predicted your apotheosis when he said,
God has not left himself unwitnessed.

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