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LAce Posted Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
The Resistance
Micky McBride

My eyes change color with each tempest
Internal struggle with my better half
Better quarter
Better one-eighth
This has been thrice instilled
The moon, the sun, the stars, the hills
Love is but a petty thing
Gnawingly nauseating

What does being in-love entail?
Moonlight and sunlight
Turn strong into frail
For what is it that leads my mind to want?

The sound of my voice is shrill
The melody my tongue creates,
is not beautiful
My body has lost its sexuality
And my face has lost its beauty
My past is so very simple
It is a parasite
It has stolen my life

And what of yours? The women you've loved
Have they not overshadowed my presence?
Comparatively all the men I have loved
Only strengthen this resistance

I continue to believe I am only one of many
Accepting the same acknowledgements
of which you have plenty
Let me bow my head in shame
Recite those before me's names
Coddle the recollection of nothing new
Your love will fade in heat and hue

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