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LAce Posted Monday, April 27th, 2009
We shall drown you in the sea
Andrea DeAngelis

We are equal to each other
both born from dirt
and dubious intent

I can smell that mother on you yet
so I fled

He told me, if I came back,
“What is made is good.”

But not to me
what is made is weak
but if I stay away
I permit a hundred of our children to die
every other day

One day reserved for sorrow
one day reserved for murder
the hollow marathon of hours
a wan parade of gray on gray

I’m rotting from the inside
the angels didn’t lie
when they sang to me,
“We shall drown you in the sea.”

Please, please drown me
but I persist instead
wishing other people’s deaths

You now have her
you now have me
covering for you
mired in demonology
you’ve drowned all the children
we could have had

“Lilith again,”
you barely rise to greet me, man meat
I am rotting from the inside
but you wouldn’t see

I enjoy causing her pain
it is only for her own good
because she too
will be cast out of Eden

She is so close to you
she is of you
you say her name
but it is my name,
the legs of a snake
that will never leave you
the same

I am so similarly maimed
I shall tell her, the new one
all she needs to know
so she can really see you
and truly feel ashamed.

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