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LAce Posted Monday, February 16th, 2009
Since Last I Bled
Stephanie Dellosa

It's been months now since last I bled.
Calmly, I count the days
and catch the fear in your aborted,
sidelong scan of my waist.

"You should be checked,"
you tell me in a voice edged
with panic, blaming my disinterest
on not enough hormones.
I am remote because of the irregularity
of my moons.
I am an inconstant woman.

It's been months now since last I bled
So when you sleep
I lie awake
and in the silence I trace
the smooth expanse,
imagining a swelling,
a subtle sign,
a self-absorbed spirit
materializing oblivious
to swim in my sea.

But the tides are foul
And bitter water follows the sometime moon.
Nothing could survive
for even my imagination is made of salt.
My sea is drying up.

It's been months now since last I bled
and we are on the wane.
“You should be checked.”
you say again.

Somewhere buried deep
ruptures a flower of a scream
and at long last I bleed.

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Posted by susan weliky [ ] on Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 at 6:20 PM
I didn't realize I was friends with such atalent. The images are so clearly painted and the emotion comes through with a wallop.

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