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LAce Posted Monday, February 18th, 2008
I Am Land
Sally Kemple

Around the world everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere I have known freedom for millions of years. People have walked over my very existence and never given it a thought as to what I was or how long I have been. I am land.

To many I am nothing but dirt, rock, sand and clay. At times Mother Nature allows the seeds of her plants to come my way. If the time is right theyíre given the opportunity to blossom and flourish, but only if the creator says it will be so. I am land.

I have had animals walking over me for eons, some live within my crust, while others fly over me and never stop even to say hello. I have seen the deer and the antelope play. I have seen the Native American Indians migrate from time to time, and I do remember them. I am land.

I have seen and felt the glare of the hot summerís sun. It has parched and dried my skin. Parts of me have been so dry and dehydrated that I have turned to dust, and been blown away by the winds. In many parts of the world I am coddled and protected during the winter months, and covered under a blanket of snow. The snowís wetness repairs and heals my aging skin. I am land.

I know no fence lines. Where I am there are no boundaries to say I belong to anyone in particular. I have always been. I am land.

I donít have rivers everywhere, or underground streams, but there is water below my surface, and if man wants it bad enough he can have it, but water doesnít always come easy. Mankind will need diligence, perseverance and an imagination of what I could become, if only water were where we wanted it, and it came to us in abundance. I know this. I am land.

Still, I am free. I am a virgin and I have always been. I can be plowed under, furrowed, or moved from one place to another, and then have something planted within me, but what you expect of me has a price tag, and you may decide the price is too high to pay. Please donít hesitate and think of running away because I may not be worth what you expect. I am land

Listen, and I will tell you what I have to offer under the cover of darkness. People have often sought the beauty of heavily laden, star-filled skies once the day is done since forever and a day. I have children known as shooting stars that entertain me under the twinkling eyes of their families. With darkness also comes the silence, the feeling of being alone with the universe, a time to go deep within yourself and see what you have to offer the world. This is also when many take the time to reflect upon their blessings. I see this. I am land.

Others wait until dawn and the promise of a new day to thank their creator for what he has offered them. When they see every color of the rainbow represented in the sky from an artistís palette they stand in awe, as they look over the land and wonder what it could become. Remember, I am the land. I was there then. I am here now. I will always be here to offer you peace, serenity, and an inner peace known only to the Godís. I know this because and have watched over its inhabitants for thousands of years. I am land.

And yes, I know that I am nothing more than a piece of land. Still, I need the love and caring of mankind to flourish and I am here for the taking. If youíre willing to fight and want something badly enough I will condone your efforts. I will support you in all the ways that I can, but you must assist, for I will always be here, for I am the land. Butóonce your life has come full circle and you must depart, you will no longer need me. Still, I will always be. I am the land. I was free to love you and only you. I took care of you in your time and need. You will be gone from me for forever and a day. Still, I will always be. This is my destiny and this is all that I am. I am land.

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