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LAce Posted Monday, January 31st, 2005
Tiffany Comprés

during that time I drove by his flat to see if he
was home to see what he was doing if she
was there with
him and she was
there folding
delicately laundry with him fingers touching

with corners meeting as lips kissing again again touching
two he
four enfolding
eight in she
it was
10:42 pm. they folded again with

one another with
I hanging out of the car window. I saw him touching
(as he was
creasing) his white undershirt then that chest (no one has a chest like him) . she
was blonde. he
invited me there once not for folding

I folded.
she with
out he
my eyes touching
nothing of hers. she

gone it was
a Thursday. her folding
nowhere. she
had left him with
out touching.
now he

was touching
again with
his eyes and fingers folding
I imagined myself there as she

or as he was at my house as she and he
sheets or not touching my fingers in my home with

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