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LAce Posted Monday, November 8th, 2004
intricacies of green mango eating
Rebecca Shwartz

(memories of Kerala, part 1)

Smitha, three months pregnant
always eating green mangos and crying
(for me itís mostly a loss of self Ė slipping until I notice who I am
-forget it)
slice sour fruit with a black blade
dip it into chilly and salt
mouth watering
then eyes
chickens scratching at our feet

Inside Mother continues to grind and fry
Father ties a scarf around the wild hair of a granddaughter,
his baby mother by name,
and laughs

Sounds from Hindu temple bells and too loud television
float across the darkness of the yard
Smitha and I eat without speaking
my mind refusing to move beyond mangoes
until I canít remember who I was
before I was the foreigner

8:30 PM, the power cuts as scheduled
in the sudden quiet, Mother lights kerosene lamps
bellies full of sour and spice, Smitha and sit by the flames
and watch moths die
in kamikaze brilliance

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Posted by Ellen Meister [ ] on Saturday, November 13th, 2004 at 7:18 AM
What stunning, evocative images! Beautiful work.

Posted by Katrina Denza on Sunday, November 14th, 2004 at 8:10 AM
Gorgeous! >Katrina

Posted by Lela Schneidman on Monday, December 6th, 2004 at 1:35 PM
Lovely! thank you for reminding me and sharing!

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